The smartwatch that makes kids smarter!

AmbyGear is the first kids' smartwatch that is fun & rewarding to use while providing safety and family connectivity.

AmbyGear helps kids grow up healthier and smarter with the combination of the latest activity tracking technology and advanced nurturing algorithms.

With AmbyGear your kids will learn how to be more responsible, have greater discipline and be more organized.

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Smart Activity and Fitness

With smart activities and fitness, you can encourage your child to be more physically active, get more sleep, get up on time, etc.

AmbyGear is here to help your child to grow healthier and smarter by using advanced sensors on the smartwatch combined with patent pending algorithms.

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You can send messages to your child’s AmbyGear when you want to stay in touch. Your child will be able to respond from his/her AmbyGear by selecting a pre-configured message so there is no need for typing.

Smart Calendar

Set up reminders and alerts for your child based on their daily activities or for occasional events just like you do on your smartphone calendar app. AmbyGear will remind your child just like your smartphone reminds you.


You can give your child more freedom and independence while giving yourself peace of mind. With AmbyGear, you can establish designated safe areas where your child’s location will be monitored. You will receive notification if he/she enters or leaves the designated area.

Smartwatch Apps

Never let AmbyGear become boring; as your child grows, you can enable new applications.

Accurate Location with GPS

The built-in GPS always provides accurate location to parents.

AmbyGear employs satellite based and land based location services to make the GPS faster and more accurate than other solutions.

Global 3G Connectivity

With a built-in SIM card, the AmbyGear smartwatch works in over 100 countries out of the box.

No need to search for the correct plan or worry about which service provider is the correct one.

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Water Proof & Shock Resistant

AmbyGear was designed to survive the most demanding environment: a child’s wrist. You can swim in the ocean or play in the sand box and AmbyGear will not get damaged.

Replaceable Armbands

Kids grow and their tastes change, so AmbyGear can grow and change with them. That’s why we created replaceable armbands.


Reduce your parenting stress; use AmbyGear to manage your kids' activities and reward them for their accomplishements.