The hawkeye Kids Smartwatch

Keep in touch with your kids.

Know where they are at anytime.

Use the best security and safety service available.


The ability to call you child at anytime from anywhere is priceless. And your child can call you at anytime as well.

The hawkeye SmartWatch enables you to call your child just like a regular phone. Plus its advanced security feature prevents unauthorized callers.


You can give your child more freedom and independence while giving yourself peace of mind. With the hawkeye SmartWatch, you can establish designated safe areas where your child’s location will be monitored. You will receive notification if he/she enters or leaves the designated area.

Fitness Tracking

Keep an eye on your kids fitness and how many calories they are burning.

Accurate Location with GPS and LBS

The built-in GPS always provides accurate location to parents.

The hawkeye Smartwatch employs satellite based and land based location services to make the GPS more accurate than other solutions.

Cellular Connectivity

With a built-in SIM card, the hawkeye Smartwatch works all over the US, out of the box.

No need to search for the correct plan or worry about which service provider is the correct one.

Water & Shock Resistant

The hawkeye Smartwatch was designed to survive the most demanding environment: a child’s wrist.

Quiet Time

With quiet time, parents can control how and when kids use hawkeye Smartwatch.

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