Providing peace of mind & connecting families

Nurture your kids to grow healthier and smarter!

With AmbyGear, you can create challenges, monitor progress and give rewards that will nurture your child development, all from your phone.

Our patent pending algorithms are based on the latest science, all the while giving you controls to customize your child’s experience. (see Rewards for more details)

AmbyGear is here to help your child to grow healthier and smarter by using advanced sensors on the smartwatch combined with patent pending algorithms.

Know where your kids are!

With AmbyGear you can always locate your kids. Just turn the AmbyGear app on to locate them with the push of a button.

Keep your kids close!

You can also create distance notifications for those days where your family goes on vacation. Then in case your child starts wandering away from you, you and he/she will be notified.

Keep your kids safe!

With AmbyGear, you can create virtual fences (we call it SafeZones) with notifications. If your child goes outside the fence, you and he/she will receive an alert.

Keep in touch with your kids!

From the AmbyGear app you can send and receive text messages to the AmbyGear smartwatch. You can also create custom messages.

Share Responsabilities

Share your location or your child’s location with other family members

Privacy and Security

Strong hardware level encryption keeps your data safe and private

Keep Control

Manage how and when your child uses AmbyGear

Geolocation and Geofence Alerts

AmbyGear alerts parents when kids arrive and depart selected locations