Providing peace of mind & connecting families

Nurture your kids with independence and responsability!

Our smartphone app helps you provice your kids independence while giving you peace of mind.

With the latest technology, you can to locate and communicate with your kids at anytime from anywhere.

AmbyGear is here to help you and your child achieve better family experiences.

Know where your kids are!

Advanced GPS technology helps you locate your kids with the push of a button.

Keep your kids close!

With BLE proximity technology you can locate your kids, even without GPS ro cellular signal (distance limited)

Keep your kids safe!

Create virtual fences (we call it Safe Zones) with notifications. If your child goes outside the fence, you receive an alert.

Keep in touch with your kids!

Call your kids (or let them call you) anytime. Plus our security platform prevents unauthorized callers from ever reaching your child.

Remote Management

Manage the smartwatch features such as notifications and address book from the convenience of our app.

Location History

Check where your kids have been with our location history feature.