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This information is only valid for the original AmbyGear Smartwatch.

For information concerning the hawkeye Smartwatch, please go to hawkeye Services.


1What kinds of safety alerts are in the watch?
The AmbyGear Smartwatch has geo-fences and distance alerts.
2What is a geo-fence?
A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. It can be set up from the AmbyGear smartphone app. You can set up the geo-fence to send an alert to your phone if your child enters or exits the geo-fence.
3How many geo-fences can I create?
You can create as many as 32 geo-fences.
4What is the distance alert?
The distance alert is used to monitor the distance between you and your child. You can select a distance that if it is breached, an alert will ring your phone and vibrate the AmbyGear Smartwatch. It is useful to keep the kids in range but still give them independence when going to the park or the beach.


1How is the AmbyGear Smartwatch secure?
The AmbyGear Smartwatch uses encryption and secure connections to keep your data secure

Getting Started

1How do I turn the watch on?
Place the watch on the charging cradle to turn it on.
2How do I connect with my phone?
Please download the AmbyGear app from the Apple App store or from Google Play. After installing the app, please use the app and follow the setup screens on the app.
3Is the AmbyGear Smartwatch waterproof?
Yes, it is and it can be taken swimming or submerged in water.


1What apps can send and receive messages to/from the smartwatch?
Only the AmbyGear app can be used to send/receive messages from the smartwatch.
2Which network does the AmbyGear Smartwatch use?
The AmbyGear Smartwatch uses a private network which is embedded in the AmbyGear Smartwatch. For more details please visit the AmbyGear Service Q&A webpage.
3Does my phone need to be on a specific network?
No. Your phone can be on any network.
4Can I make voice calls to/from the AmbyGear Smartwatch?
It is not possible to make voice calls from/to the AmbyGear Smartwatch. In order to keep the monthly cost affordable and the design of the AmbyGear Smartwatch small and light, we have decided to not include voice call capabilities (which would have added a speaker and microphone; increasing the size and weight of the AmbyGear Smartwatch significantly).
5To whom can my kids send messages from the AmbyGear Smartwatch?
Kids can send messages to people in the friends and family list that is set by you on the AmbyGear smartphone app.
6From whom can my kids receive messages on the AmbyGear Smartwatch?
Your child can only receive messages from people that you have added to the friends and family list.

Apps and Use

1How often do I need to charge the AmbyGear smartwatch?
The battery can last up to seven days on normal usage.
2How do kids use the AmbyGear smartwatch?
Kids can use the AmbyGear smartwatch to connect to family and friends, to track their daily activities and to participate in the AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards.
3Who is AmbyGear designed for?
AmbyGear is designed for kids between ages 4 and 11.
4Which smartphones are supported?
AmbyGear supports iOS (iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S and 6S+) and Android phones starting with version 4.1 (Jelly Beam) which includes Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC and others.
5What happens if the AmbyGear Smartwatch is removed?
You can set the AmbyGear to send an alert if it is removed from your child's wrist.

AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards

1What is AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards?
AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards is a wearable game that encourages kids to be healthier and smarter. All a kid has to do is use the AmbyGear smartwatch to participate in the AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards.
2How does AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards work?
The AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards uses the sensors in the AmbyGear smartwatch and the AmbyGear Gamification Algorithm to calculate progress and send out rewards. It all begins by parents setting up AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards from the AmbyGear smartphone app.
3How do I set up AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards?
After starting the AmbyGear iOS or Android smartphone app, select AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards from the left menu - the AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards will come up. Then follow the on screen instructions to set up the AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards.
4What do kids need to do for the AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards?
All a kid needs to do is to use the AmbyGear Smartwatch during a challenge and collect the rewards once the challenge is completed.
5Why should I set up AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards?
In connection with the AmbyGear Smartwatch, the AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards is a scientifically researched app that helps kids grow healthier and smarter.
6Where can I learn more about AmbyGear Challenges & Rewards?
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