Did You Know that 20 Minutes of Daily Physical Activity, Improves Kids Grades and Cognitive Ability?

With the rise of the internet, unlimited of demand TV and video games, kids don’t have reasons to go outside and play. Recent research has shown that kids who don’t get at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day do poorly in school.

Kids today have minimal to no physical activity

According to Fitness.gov , only one in three children is physically active every day1. Believe it or not, nowadays children spend more than seven in front a screen - such as TV, video games, and computers - per day2. It gets even harder to have kids physically active if only 6 states (Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, and Vermont) requires physical education in every grade, K-123.

This lack of physical activity has severe consequences such as:

  • Weak hearts and lungs leading to chronical diseases
  • Increased body fat
  • Weak muscles

    Thus, a healthy childhood is of paramount importance for a child to develop into a healthy adult. A recent report from NASPE National Association for the Sports and Physical Education) and the American Heart Association further emphasizes the importance of physical activity.

    Research Studies show physical activity benefits on Academic Performance

    A CDC report analyzed a large amount of data that links physical activity with academic performance, including cognitive skills and attitudes, academic behaviors and academic achievement.

    Studies have shown that just 20 minutes of physical activity improves kids grades by up to 20% while decreasing bad behavior by 21%. Physical activity helps kids be more focused, and enhance brain functions such as attention and memory. Moreover, it also enhances increased neural activity which leads to better academic performance.1

    How to get kids from the couch to the park? Gamification is the answer!

    Gamification is the process of creating fun and engaging games out of dull activities. By embracing technology and making it interesting, we can get kids out of the couch. For example, by using the AmbyGear smartwatch parents can create incentives for kids to be outdoors and reward them automatically if they spend enough time doing activities.

    This can have lasting benefits such as:
  • Increase in academic performance
  • Development of stronger muscles

    In conclusion, kids who are physically active for at least 45 minutes per day, do better in life. Luckily, parents have now tools at their disposal to incentive kids to be outdoors without having to be authoritative and nagging.

    The benefits of physical activity are clear for everyone to see. We at AmbyGear call the parents to encourage their kids to get a physical activity of at least 20 minutes per day. AmbyGear provides an easy way via their IoK kids smartwatch to get your kids outside and reward them for their physical activity and achievements.

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