Stay connected with your kids 24/7.

AmbyGear uses reliable cellular 2G and 3G technology simultaneously to ensure you are always connected to your child

Easily locate your child, anytime & anywhere.

Use the app to see where your kids are. Using a combination of the best location technology (GPS, GNSS, A-GPS and sensors)

Create & manage out-of-bounds alerts.

Create virtual fences (we call it SafeZones) with notifications and alerts. Your child will be notified if he or she goes outside the fence.

Make it easy for your kids to connect with you anytime, anywhere.

Send and receive messages to and from the AmbyGear smartwatch without being disruptive. Create custom messages for your child to use on the AmbyGear smartwatch.

Manage your kids' activities.

Organize and monitor your kids' daily activities, reducing your stress

Incentivize & reward good behavior.

AmbyGear uses behavioral science algorithms to incentivize your kids to complete daily tasks thus teaching responsibility and discipline

Reinforce good habits.

Through gamification of daily activities your child will learn how to be organized and manage his or her own time

Reduce parenting stress.

Give your kids independence while monitoring their progress thus reducing your stress!