AmbyGear Smartwatch

AmbyGear is the only smartwatch that comes with a range of fun applications to inspire kids to be independent, confident and physically active.

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AmbyGear Rewards

AmbyGear Rewards empowers parents to track progress and reward kids for their achievements.

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iOS & Android App

The AmbyGear iOS & Android app enables parents to locate, communicate and control the AmbyGear Smartwatch.

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AmbyGear in the Media


Smart watch design with decidedly kid-friendly flavors…. it does deviate from the norm.” – SlashGear


This is a wearable tech that makes us stand up and take notice. Its more about what we need rather than what we want. – Fashnerd


Child friendly wearables are generating serious traction…. something kids would enjoy wearing. –


The AmbyGear Smart Watch

Ambygear is designed to bring out the best in kids

  • Educational games and life lesson teaching applications
  • Attractive and customizable armbands
  • Find Me!™ application helps children find their parents in case of an emergency
  • Water proof, shock resistant, and durable enough for the most active child
  • Built-in GPS for precise location and accurate alerts
  • Always connected, ensuring safety everywhere, including the great outdoors
  • 7 day battery life
  • Tamper alert: informs parents if AmbyGear is removed from a child’s wrist

The AmbyGear iOS / Android app

The simple to use Ambygear Android and iOS app provides parents with accurate location, activity monitoring and real time communication tools for all their kid’s AmbyGear smartwatch

    • Proximity Alerts: Monitor the distance your child is from you and receive a notification and audio alert if he or she wanders away
    • Control: From the app, parents have control of which application and games are used on the AmbyGear smartwatch
    • Geofences: Easily configure geofences locations that are important like home, school, or after school activity center. Receive notifications and alerts when your child enters or exits these locations
    • Locator: Real time GPS location of each child wearing an AmbyGear watch

      Messaging: Send text messages or pictograms to your child and receive replies.

AmbyGear Rewards

AmbyGear Rewards enables parents to track activities and reward kids for their accomplishments.

Parents can select from a range of rewards from the AmbyGear portal or create their own rewards.

  • Rewards: AmbyGear is the perfect activity and task monitor for your child. The simple to use reward system helps parents nurture their kid’s growth.
  • Privacy: AmbyGear uses the latest technology in signal identification to keep your data private and safe.
  • Always Connected: AmbyGear is connected around the clock, ensuring messages and location are always received.
  • Check-in/Check-out: AmbyGear allows you to remotely monitor when your kids arrive and depart certain locations, enabling you to keep track of their location throughout the day.

Design Customized, Attractive and Switchable to the taste of your precious one

About AmbyGear

AmbyGear believes in the smart use of technology to bring out the best in kids, connect families and provide parents peace of mind.

We are a group of parents, engineers, designers and creators focused on bringing beautiful crafted products that solves real problems.


Meet the AmbyGear Team

Patrick Muggler
CEO & Founder


Manu Pillai
Strategic Advisor


Arun Sharma
COO & Co-Founder


Mark Karam
Strategic Advisor


Roger Karam
VP of Technology


Edgar Aguirre
Senior Designer

The rest of the team includes individuals with experience in consumer and industrial electronics development, industrial design, software development, sales, marketing and retail. Our team has experience in developing low power portable electronics and wireless technologies.