Smart Watch

The AmbyGear watch comes with a range of applications for kids to connect with their parents, keep them safe and enable kids to learn life lessons.

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iOS & Android App

With the AmbyGear app, parents can communicate with their kids, share experiences, and keep them safe while giving kids their independence to explore and learn

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With the AmbyGear cloud kids and parents can connect with friends and family, forming stronger communities for better safety

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The AmbyGear Smart Watch

The AmbyGear Smart Watch is designed for kids. From its small size to its interface and applications.

  • Educational games and apps, teaching life lessons without being intrusive
  • Customized and attractive watch straps
  • Find Me! App. So kids can locate their parents in case of emergency.
  • Water resistant, shock proof, kids safe. Ensuring reliability when it is most critical.
  • Build-in GPS for precise location and accurate alerts
  • Always connected even without cellphone coverage. Ensuring safety even in the great outdoors.
  • 7 days battery life time, so you can take it camping without worries.
  • Tamper alert. Ensuring that AmbyGear is always present.

The AmbyGear iOS / Android app

The AmbyGear Smart Watch is designed for kids that don’t have a phone. Thus the iOS / Android app is for the parent’s phone.

  • Distance monitor. Parents know how stressful it is, going out with multiple small kids. You always have to keep an eye on everyone. The distance monitor helps me by alerting me if a child has wandered away.
  • Locator: Sometimes a child is hiding behind a corner, or just under a clothing rack. But you never know. The distance monitor can pin point the location of a child giving parents peace of mind.
  • Geo Fences: Sometimes kids don’t follow directions and go where they aren’t supposed to go. With Geo Fences, parents are alerted before a kid wanders into an unsafe area.
  • Texting: Kids like to run around. But how do parents tell kids when it is time to go home? Chase them? Shout? With AmbyGear, parents can simply send a text or pictogram message to the Smart Watch.
  • Control: From the app, parents can control which games and applications are used on the AmbyGear smart watch.

The AmbyGear Cloud

We enable secure communication through the AmbyGear Cloud enabling the whole family and friends to be connected to each other.

  • Sharing: The AmbyGear Cloud enables the sharing of location and messages, thus keeping everyone connected and safe.
  • Check-in / Check-out: This service allows parents to remotely monitor when their kids arrive and departure a certain location thus giving parents peace of mind without being over-bearing.
  • Privacy: AmbyGear uses the latest technology in signal identification to keep your data private and safe.

Design Customized, Attractive and Switchable to the taste of your precious one

About AmbyGear

Company mission and story: What inspired up to do this?

Our mission is to give parents peace of mind and keep your kids safe with push messaging, boundary alerts and GPS location. You will always have peace of mind knowing where your kids are, whether you are on a hike, in a park, at the zoo or a street fair. Reduce your stress & keep an eye on your kids. less

  • Patrick Muggler
    (ASU MSEE,
    Haas/Columbia MBA)

    CEO & Founder

  • Arun Sharma
    (IIT MSEE,
    Kellogg MBA)

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Hanford Choy
    (Cal Poly BS CS)

    VP Engineering

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